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The Anointing










Christ is NOT the Surname of Jesus!!! In 1995 Hugh Jackman heard a message about the true meaning of the word Christ which changed his life FOREVER. Through his new book, Anointer Anointing Anointed, God, The Holy Spirit and You. You will learn the true revelation about the Word CHRIST. Click to read more…




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Sons of God





Divine Son-Ship will be one of the final messages preached by the church before the great tribulation takes place. It is time for the people of God to realize who they really are: “Now we ARE the Sons of God”. We are anointed with purpose to change this world in preparation for the end times. You MUST hear these messages.



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I feel like I already know you…

hand flagsI am Dr. Hugh A Jackman I first heard the call of God whist visiting the Island of my parents birth (Barbados) in 1993. I gave my life to the Lord Jesus Christ and was born again on Wednesday 2nd March 1994. I had an immediate call to the ministry although it took some years before I began to walk in that calling.

I have set this website up primarily for the purpose of sharing my continuing testimony. It is a testimony of salvation through the Lord Jesus and of the marvellous things that God has and continues to do in my life. Over the past 20 years the Lord has revealed many things to me though His written word, the Holy Bible. I have had the privilege of sharing many of these truths primarily on revelation TV, but there have been others also.

The other reason for setting this website up is connection. I want to connect with you.  I had a vision some years ago in which the Lord took me high above the earth to a place that was made of light. There, I saw a queue of precious people just like you and I heading for the Kingdom of God. This queue was about ten people thick and I could see no end to it! I cried out who are these people? I heard the voice of the Lord say, “These are those that you must bring into the Kingdom of God”.

Consequently, I want to pray for the sick and see then released form their pains and suffering. I want to see the captives set free from all kinds of bondages. I want to help those who need guidance in their walk of faith. I want to share revelations and complete my assignment to the body of Christ. I want to introduce as many as I can to the Kingdom of God, to the beauty of the love of the Lord Jesus Christ and to fellowship with God.

Please connect with me today.  How?


Hugh and revelation TV

Hugh Jackman is one of a few extremely privileged presenters of the much watched revelation tv channel. Hugh originally began working with revelation TV’s Howard Conder in 1994. A close friendship ensued and Hugh became a part of the early revelation programmes. He later joined Howard for the launch of revelation TV in 2003. Since then Hugh has played various roles within the channel. In more recent times, Hugh has been a key part of the Bible Study program alongside colleagues Gordon Pettie, Tim Vince, John Campbell and of course Howard Conder.  Hugh considers it a privilege to be a part of revelation TV. He is grateful to Howard & Lesley Conder and the revelation TV channel, which has by the direction of the Lord himself, made him a person of note within the Christian community.


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